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This page descries the strategy we are applying to manage the urispace to identify all possible required elements in this space published at

baseuri == https://data.ocean-sampling-day.org


entity type path-pattern description example
root / space / the root of this URIspace doubles as the “space” that contains and identifies everything  
data-package /{repository-name}/ identifier for the RO-crate /OSD2018/
year /year/{yyyy}/ everything from OSD related to a certain year /year/2014/
station /station/{stationcode}/ coded locations where samples are taken /station/OSD19/
sampling-protocol /protocol/{protocol} standard, agreed, conform way of taking the physical sample /protocol/NPL02
replicate (aka material sample) /sample/{stationcode}-{yyyy}-{protocol}-{replicate_nr} actual container (testtube) containing retrieved material samples /sample/OSD100_2014-03_NPL02_1
processing-level /level/{levelcode} meaningful internal term for raw or processed level of the data /level/raw
ontology /ns/ontology specific space to describe additional internal concepts for OSD /ns/ontology


entity type path-pattern description example
file-content /{repository-name}/{path} download point to get actual content of a file in the specified package  
file-preview /{repository-name}#./{path} preview location to get a human readable view of a certain file in the specified package  


| entity type | path-pattern | description | example | | ———– | ———— | ———– | ——- |

no actul fragmentations have been defined at the moment, but we could consider: species (ncbi or aphia), combo year-station, combo year-protocol, …